9 Eyeshadow Colors to Try for Fall

When the leaves start changing color, so should your makeup kit. This list of fall shades will help you choose your colorful eyeshadow palette and rock gorgeous looks all season long.

1. Peach

Peachy tones go so well with the fall color palette that you really can’t live without this shade in your makeup box. Look for an eyeshadow palette that covers the range from pale pastels to deep oranges. Then, blend until your eyelids look just like the changing leaves.

2. Gold

Bright, glittery gold makeup adds warmth to your face during the fall season. Try a subtle swipe of gold alongside deeper colors for a bit of contrast. Or, if you’re really feeling the glam, go full gold for the shiniest eyes around.

3. Copper

If gold seems a little too yellow for your tastes, you might be on the copper side of the spectrum. Shimmery copper eyeshadows look great with an autumn color palette. Copper also works exceptionally well for preppy or professional looks.

4. Burgundy

Burgundy is an autumn classic. This dark, wine-colored shade looks great on both your eyes and your lips. Burgundy eyeshadows can often be found in nude or natural palettes. Depending on your wardrobe, choose a shade that leans closer to either purple or red.

5. Berry

The difference between berry and burgundy is a matter of brightness. Berry tones are warm, fruity, and almost edible. If you pick up a berry eyeshadow, you’re almost certainly going to want a matching lipstick or lipgloss. Purples and greens also look amazing with the berry palette.

6. Cobalt

Believe it or not, dark blue is totally a fall color. Blue eyeshadow should be used to contrast with your warm and wonderful autumn outfit. It’s up to you how bright the blue gets; you can relax your palette with a few swipes of gray or lavender. Black eyeliner can also be used to add definition.

7. Green

Autumn colors reflect the changing colors of the leaves – but what about the color they changed from? A soothing, subtle green might end up the core of your fall makeup kit. When used correctly, green provides a gentle contrast with orange, peach, and brown tones. Pay careful attention to your shading; you want the green to pop, but not too much.

8. Purple

Purple is the perfect color for late October, but you can really wear it any time of the season. Blend purple with burgundy or berry colors for a natural and seasonal feel. Alternatively, you can use a bright shade of purple with black eyeliner to get a playful and semi-gothic look.

9. Gray

Gray is the color of cloudy skies, rainy weather, and early November. Choose shimmering, metallic shades that add a bit of glitter to your palette. You can also go with a muted, dusky gray that draws attention straight to your beautiful eyes. Find a few shades that you like, and try using them alongside some of your favorite warmer tones.

When you choose your colorful eyeshadow palette, think about the outfits you’ll be wearing throughout the season. Eyeshadow is about having fun – if you pick colors that you love, you really can’t go wrong!