Green Houses Start Here

Are you planning to renovate your home? House renovations are always a demanding process, but they can be even more challenging if you are committed to the environment as well. Going green is something that goes beyond recycling and saving water. But it can be hard to know at first what can we do as house owners to help the environment. That’s why today we’d like to share our best tips and favorite products to make any house greener and more responsible with the planet. So keep on reading and remember that for further information or to buy the products we will mention you can always visit

Avoiding emissions

Did you know that most chemicals that are deemed safe to sell aren’t necessarily safe for the planet? Chemicals are very complex substances, and they are necessary for the decontamination properties cleaning products have. But even so, this doesn’t mean most brands are particularly regulated.

Traditional cleaning products release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the environment. And these compounds react with other elements in the air to create smog, one of the most dangerous pollutants we know of. So what can we do to avoid that?

The good news is that you can keep your house clean and avoid most emissions or at least reduce them; all you need to do is to make the switch to environmentally friendly products. Brands like SafeChoice and Meliora offer cleaning products without dyes, fragrances, and the other components that release VOCs. This means that they allow you to clean your house as thoroughly as always, but you don’t have to worry about pollutants when doing so. And they are affordable too so you won’t notice the switch.

Think about the production process

Most of the furniture and materials that make up our house don’t have as direct of an impact as cleaning products. After all, it’s not like our carpets or wood walls are continuously releasing chemicals into the air. However, this doesn’t mean that they are all green.

When it comes to furniture and the like it’s important to think about the production process. How much water is used to make these products? Are dangerous chemicals involved in their elaboration? Are they made of a renewable resource?

All of the above questions play a role in determining whether something is environmentally responsible or not. So if you are renovating your home try to go for green brands even for products you wouldn’t assume have an ecological impact. Bio-Floor carpets are renewable, natural, and aren’t treated with any harmful chemicals. Similarly, EarthShade blinds allow you to replace drapes or curtains with much more sustainable alternatives that are just as efficient in keeping the sun out of your rooms. There’s no shortage of green alternatives in the market, it all comes down to searching around for a bit.