How Bad Does Your Hearing Have to Be to Get a Hearing Aid

Getting older is a pain. A literal pain. Joints start to ache. Energy isn’t what it used to be. We find ourselves cranking the television up louder in between saying “what?” in conversations too many times in a day.

Nobody wants to admit to getting old. Even though the body is aging, inside we still feel like 22 years old ready to take on the world.

But when our hearing starts to noticeably fade, it has a strong impact on us and the people we love.

In this article we’ll take a look at signs it might be time for hearing aids.

1. You Made a Steak When Your Grandson Asked For Some Cake

Your grandson is only five. You didn’t even know he liked steak. But while watching SpongeBob, he turned to you and said, “Grandma, do you think I could have some steak?”

“Sure thing!”

You head to the kitchen and fire up the stovetop to grill a nice juicy sirloin. Fifteen minutes later you present it to him proudly. He looks up. “Gross grandma! I said CAKE!”

Embarrassed, you head back to the kitchen, cover the meat and put it in the fridge for later. Then you discover you’re out of flower. Guess he’ll have to settle for yesterday’s cookies instead.

2. Your Next Door Neighbor Comments on the Show You Were Watching Last Night

Yes, you know the TV volume is a bit higher than it used to be. But surely nobody else notices, do they?

While bringing the garbage dumpster back in from the curb in the morning, your neighbor is out watering their flowers.

“How was last night’s episode of Blue Bloods?”

“How did you know I was watching that?”

“I could hear Tom Selleck like he was right in my living room!”

When the TV volume is so high that you’re entertaining the neighbors with your show choices, it’s definitely time to look into

3. The Gift You Gave Was a Bit Off Base

While probing your daughter for what she might like as a Christmas gift, you hear her respond, “We’ve been looking for a salt lamp for the corner of the living room.”

Immediately you start doing research on salt lamps and decide to buy one for her and yourself (they seem to have many benefits).

When Christmas comes around, you proudly present the gift. Your daughter opens it with a bewildered, yet appreciative look. You can tell something’s wrong.

“This is great mom. I’ve read a lot about these. But we were actually looking for a tall lamp for the corner of the living room.”

Hearing Aids Are Nothing to Be Embarrassed About

As we get older, making small adjustments to our lives is common. Hearing aids are one of those adjustments that make life easier and more enjoyable. is here to help you start enjoying life again by ridding yourself of those embarrassing moments caused by hearing loss.

Unlike little Johnny’s steak, this is a move you’ll be glad you made.