Reasons To Choose A Dog Hotel

We all love our pets and it is really hard for us to separate when we have to go on a business trip or vacation (unless we have the opportunity to take them with us). However, this does not have to be stressful and strenuous, in the sense that we constantly worry about whether they are well, whether the person we have entrusted them takes good care of them, whether they ate and similar things. The solution is simple, yet genius – a hotel for dogs.

Puparazzi LA has compiled reasons why you should always choose a dog hotel instead of your friends/relatives when it comes about to whom to leave your dog.


All apartments have natural light and are artificially lit at night because some dogs are afraid of the dark. All containers used for water and food are regularly disinfected and cleaned, and for dogs that are used to complete comfort, there are soft beds. In a word, your dog will get the best possible treatment to make him feel as comfortable as possible while you are not there.


If you want your dog to be treated like a real movie star, the dog hotel and its staff will make sure to provide them with complete privacy without any harassment by other dogs. Your dog can play alone and spend time without being disturbed by other dogs.

Video recording

At the request of the owner, the staff will send pictures and recordings of the dog.

Daily schedule

Every dog ​​deserves to spend every day as comfortably and efficiently as possible while you are not there. Luxury dog ​​hotels have carefully thought-out and selected activities for each day that will please your dog. If your dog is accustomed to specific habits, be sure that they will be followed.


Although dogs do not like to go to the vet, if there is any problem, vets will immediately come to examine the dog. Such places usually have several veterinarians who come on call, and in case the matter is urgent, the dog goes to the vet immediately.

Water and food

Water is safe and clean for dogs. Bacteriologically correct and tested, and when it comes to food, if your pet is used to a certain diet, you can bring your own food.

Final Thoughts

In order to have complete peace of mind, Puparazzi LA strongly advises you to always choose a luxury hotel for dogs that will take the best possible care of your dog while you are not there.