What is the Most Important Benefit of an Enterprise Application?

Over the past decade, mobile apps have increased in numbers and popularity. Many business look for the best app for business news.They are currently used to do all sorts of things ranging from ordering food to checking the weather and even carrying out business transactions. The areas in which mobile business line app  have been applied are quite diverse and so is the technology developers are now applying in their development. But what does the future hold for mobile apps? Here are a few predictions of what you can expect to see in the mobile app technology.

Cross-platform apps

Currently, there are three major operating systems dominating the smart phone industry. iOS dominates high-end markets while Windows and Android share the middle and low-end markets. For a company developing an app for use in all the three platforms, currently the only option is to develop three different apps. In the future this is expected to change thanks to the advances being made in HTML5. The use of HTML5 to develop apps however could change as developers seek to use more reliable and secure platforms. This has been hinted to by Facebook who recently used Native code to develop their latest iOS app.

Going beyond mobile

“In the future, you can expect to have developers drifting from just developing apps for phones and tablets,” says Shane from Onyx LA. It is expected that there will be apps designed for more devices including wearables like smart watches. Mobile apps will soon be used to control internet of things devices as shown by a recent research in which 53% of mobile app developers revealed that they are working on such projects. These are the likes of an automatically driven car, fridges that read tweets and so on. “Apps are also likely to find their way into televisions and game consoles,” sasy Jim from Textedly which is a company that specializes in SMS mass text message marketing and mass texting for B2B companies.

Fast development

Currently, developing a sophisticated app takes quite a while. This is expected to improve in the future as app development tools improve. There are many third-party tools that are on the rise and aim at making development as easy as possible. Among these tools are excellent app analytics to keep track of how the app is performing and cloud servers to enable developers connect. One such tool that has currently been developed is the Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS) which allows developers to manage the back-end of their apps online. This is now trending business that is expected to peak in the future. Mobile deep linking is also expected to be on the increase allowing app users to connect across different platforms.